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Fire Detection & Suppression Specialists

EDF Group designs and installs Fire Alarm Systems to detect early stages of fire by utilizing technology such as multi criteria, Carbon monoxide detectors, duct detectors & heat detectors to identify the fire and notify the building and local Fire Department before it’s too late.

EDF Group offers special hazard fire suppression system design, installation, and ongoing maintenance.  We are authorized distributors for the highest quality available system components in the industry and have in house certified designers and technicians.   Clean Agent Detection is a gaseous agent that extinguishes fires by interrupting the chain reaction of fire. It is safe for electronics, data centers, processes, and safe for people when designed within occupiable concentration percentages defined in NFPA 2001.

Security Installation and Services

EDF Group offers flexible security solutions ranging from access control to video surveillance, allowing for the ability to customize security needs no matter the size of the facility.  Services can also include 24/7 monitoring through a central station to help protect places you live, work, and play.  Our professionally designed security provides solutions for virtually every market.

The EDF Group point of difference is handling all security needs in house.  This allows us to provide our customers with the best service and quickest response times along with more personalized care.

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